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We’re being ripped off

Up to 40% of our power bills are profits made by State government owned energy companies and private corporations. Last financial year the state government made $3 billion from the profits made by state owned energy companies. This money came straight from the pockets of Queensland households. Meanwhile Origin and AGL made $7.2 billion in profits.

The ideology of putting profits and markets before people has failed to deliver affordable, reliable and clean energy. Since Labor and the LNP began the era of privatization, power prices have kept rising while company profits have soared.

In the meantime, 21,000 Queensland households had their power cut off last year because they couldn’t pay their bills.

Real, Affordable Renewable Energy

When home-owners investigate solar energy, they are finding that they can save hundreds of dollars when installing solar panels. There is a program – Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme that’s a part of Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. It was implemented as an incentive program for households and small business to install smaller renewable energy systems. This includes solar systems!

Solar Feed-in Tariff

Depending on your location, you can actually be paid up to 12c/kWh for the electricity your solar panels generate.

Countless homeowners are taking advantage of this. After your grid-connected solar panels have been installed, excess energy produced by them will be fed back into the grid. You can actually receive a credit on your account. So few people know about this program, but it’s changing lives by cutting energy bills by hundreds a year. If you produce more energy than you consume, you’ll actually be paid for it!

Government Rebates

Yes, many programs have changed, but there are still countless ways to take advantage of state-funded renewable energy schemes. They are designed to help businesses and homeowners get renewable energy by reducing their financial commitments. There are also incentive programs aimed at encouraging homeowners to use less electricity. They vary from state to state, territory to territory, but they could add up to huge savings.

How Do I See If I Qualify

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Step 3: Compare the price, quality and service and find the smartest energy solution.

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